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In 1993 the automation of various business processes started. The result was a fully integrated information system for front-and back-office activities. RijAm was evolved from the basic need of automation for driving school industry. The first version of RijAm was DOS RijAm released in 1986.

Since then it has evolved and went through many changes within the driving school sector. It is simple software to ensure complete administration of driving school. RijAm is a bilingual i.e. designed in English and Dutch languages. RijAm provides the users with simple yet distinctive technology driving school management software. Every product holds the basic design of each other multiplied with some additional advanced features. The four major RijAm products are –

  • RijAm Basic
  • RijAm advanced
  • RijAm premium
  • RijAm connect

RijAm Basic

RijAm Basic model provides with simple administration of driving school and calendar management. This involves student's records, their appointments for driving and the financial management of driving school.

RijAm Advanced

RijAm Advanced is designed in parallel with RijAm Basic features however with certain additional features. It facilitates online exam module and digital instruction card.

RijAm Premium

RijAm Premium is very similar to RijAm advanced but consists of pupil management and vehicle planning. It provides features for student access. It involves vehicle scheduling and an opportunity to interact and exchange information with financial software too.

RijAm Connect

RijAm Connect is a complete package in driving school software. It consists of options like integrated email server, SMS module, postcode address verification, Twitter link, collection module. Furthermore, in RijAm Connect there is a choice between hosting within your own network and hosting on the servers of Data Clip. If you choose a RijAm Connect subscription you will not only get software, but a complete service. Employees of Data Clip ensure optimal deployment of RijAm within your organization and in regular contact with you.