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Service basket

Service basket is an online platform for exchange of services all over Canada and USA. It is designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of coming together the clients and suppliers of a particular service. is developed to alleviate the pain that people go through to access both new, used or second hand products or services either to buy or to sell.

Service basket works in two different ways. They are –

  1. Users can post the service required and wait for the contractor's response. They can view the feedback of potential service provider. The users can then make choice and hire the contractor.
  2. The user can browse contractors and their services. They can view feedback of potential contractor. The user can directly send order for required service.

The user deals directly with contractor for the amount to be charged on work. The user can review and rate the contractor's service. is where users will find high quality, classified ads with photos and descriptions of the goods/service provided.

Service basket helps to create the best platform for sellers to advertise their products and services. It also creates opportunities for buyers to have a one-stop shop where lists and descriptions of any particular product of their interest can be found.