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Wigi Wire

Wigi wire is simple and most elementary e – commerce website. Wigi wire is based on straightforward concept 'want it, got it'. It is an online marketplace to buy and sell different products. The items required by user are likely to be provided by some other user. Similarly if any user has any product to sell, people are there to purchase it.

Wigi wire connects sellers and buyers online. The buyers and sellers get register at Wigi Wire to put up their products. The account is used to buy, sell, communicate with Wigiwire members, and leave Feedback for Wigiwire buyers and sellers. Buyer is always guaranteed to get the best deal on every product. Buyer can buy something at fixed price or take part in auction style listing to grab the perfect item. The seller can showcase the product on website. The buyer can browse the required product. Buyer can purchase the product online and make payment through valid paypal account. If buyer knows a seller's user ID, he/she can search for items currently being sold by that seller. Users can save their favorite searches and get notified whenever items they were looking for appear.

Wigi wire is an extensive platform to buy, sell and interact with others wigiwire members.