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Causelicious was founded in 1995 with a motive to enhance global trading. Causelicious community has global presence in 39 markets and over 89 million active registered users all round world.

Causelicious is a wide marketplace to buy and sell items. The buyer and seller register through Causelicious to startup trading. A unique causelicious ID will be given to every buyer and seller. Using this ID trade can be initiated. The registered sellers are eligible to put up their causelicious store. Seller can put up their logo, description and upload images. The products in the store are meticulously categorized under different sections. The seller can decide the price of products in store. Sellers can put up fixed price or auctions to sell certain products.

Buyers in different countries search for items that they want to buy on their local sites e.g. in the USA, in the UK, in Australia, in India etc. When seller/vendor will list items on, the items are visible by default only to buyers searching for items on Causelicious India. Therefore to target international buyers, vendors/sellers need to ensure that items are visible to these buyers on their local sites. There are two ways to make your items visible to international buyers:

  1. List your item directly on the Causelicious site of the international buyer (e.g. for US buyers)
  2. List your items on and select international shipping option

Causelicious provides the items ranging from fixed priced to auctions. All the payments are done through PayPal, so there are no doubts regarding secure transactions. The trading on Causelicious is simple as ABC and uncomplicated for both buyers and sellers.