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Many a times we are often stuck up at price for purchasing any product or service. The service providers are many – a – times not ready to bargain and we end up paying huge price for service. For5 is developed in U.K. which provide services related to project only for 5 pounds.

The different tasks for 5 pounds are writing, audio and music, programming, business, advertising etc. The working of is very easy. The buyers and sellers can create their account for free on For5. The registered buyers/sellers can manage, create task or work on their tasks from their account. The registered seller can put up his services. Seller can create task, add details and images about task. The buyer can browse different services provided by service providers. All these services will be only for 5 pounds. Buyer can book these services online. The payment to seller is done through PayPal. Once the service is completed the buyer can leave back feedback about service.

For5 is a brand new concept for people to share their services/products they are willing to do for 5 pounds only.