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Group Greek

Group Greek is a deal website that offers latest fashionable apparel and accessories. However Group Greek is slightly different from other deal websites. Instead of offering deals based on city, deals are offered for fraternity or sorority.

Working of is simple as ABC. Businesses agree to offer massive discounts in exchange for group of people buying a product from their business. The users can buy the deal online. The user has to fulfill the minimum buyer requirement for the deal. The user can spread word about the deal to friends and family. After hitting the number of buyers, the deal is opened. The deal is beneficial to the entire group. The shipping of the product is done throughout U.S and Canada.

myDeal is a new and innovative feature to manage organization's group orders. Basically it will do all the work about collecting money, distributing shirts, or creating artwork. Using myDeal portal buyers can approve/reject artwork. Buyers can choose to have members pay for their items individually. They can even ship items directly to your one or all members.

Group Greek believes to shell out deals from top-rated business partners at unbeatable prices and sharing deals with brothers and sisters