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WinWinAuction is shopping entertainment company based in South Florida, USA. The auctioning concept on is different than other auction sites. At Win Win Auction lowest unique bid wins.

Each bid on requires a starting fee at $1. The user can browse the product and put up bid value. The user can select multiple auctions to increase chance of winning. He/ She should remember that no one else has already bid on using that value. Also the bid value should be lower than others. All the auctions have maximum number of bids. Once the maximum amount of bid is reached or the auction hits its absolute time is over. The lowest and unique bid is winner for auction. Reward points are granted to that user who lose auction. These reward points can be redeemed with other exclusive discounts and products.

The user can pay the whole amount online. The product is shipped on time to the user. Also WinWinAuction donates 10% of all earnings to charity. In addition to this, each user is able to contribute at least 50% of their reward dollars and turn them into a 100% cash donation to their selected charity. So winning or losing will always benefit user on