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American International School of Law (AISOL)

American International School of Law (AISOL) is premier online global law school for individuals pursuing a tough Juris Doctor program. AISOL prepare its students for challenges and reward them to become an attorney of law. It offers distance learning educational programs of law at affordable costs to qualified United States applicants. It is designed in cutting edge of technology. AISOL is extremely interactive and user friendly.

AISOL is designed in such a manner that the faculty and students can interact online. They can communicate smoothly for student exams, homework, grades, announcements, live online classes and chat sessions at any location.

The new students can register for AISOL by sending an online application. The prospective students have to undergo an online assessment test for admission in AISOL. The student then may send the required documents by mail or post. The classes start within 24 or 48 hours after submitting all the documents.

The academic curriculum is provided by the faculty on website beforehand. The registered students are provided with username and passwords to access their set of information. There is no minimum requirement for participation in interactive classes in AISOL program. However AISOL encourages frequent participation from students.

Each course will consist of at least 216 hours and will be completed over 48-52 weeks. The students can choose independent studies or live lectures through audio and video. The students can choose their own comfortable location for live lectures. The students only have to choose a befitting law program.

AISOL provides students with pre-recorded lectures, live chat sessions which all are tailored to the student's convenience. It is borderless school will only serve to enhance the viewpoints, experiences, abilities, and success of the faculty as well as students. AISOL is truly global online law school with distinctive technology and spirit of excellence.