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Scholastex is different concept about reusing the books. Scholastex is designed especially for University of Central Florida.

The students purchase new books for every semester. However students find it difficult to manage many books after every semester. Scholastex is an online book store for buying and selling of used books. At Scholastex the registered student can put the books he/she has for sale. The potential book stores who want to get into trade have to be registered members. The bookstores will purchase those books. These bookstores will purchase books at half a price from student. The students can browse the stores for required books. If they find the right book then bookstore will sell the same book less than its actual cost price. The payment for all the purchases is done online. Scholastex not only advertises about used books but also about text books, event tickets, electronics and much more.

Scholastex helps students to manage books and also get better return value for book every purchased. Similarly many needy students can find books and get them at affordable cost. Scholastex becomes a middle way for bookstores to reach out many students and continue trading.