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'Sklobal' is a combination of Schools plus Global. It is network that connects international schools around the globe. is a social and professional online network for international school educators to connect, communicate and collaborate from any part of the world anytime. Sklobal connections are for specific needs of international school educators, their schools and their students.

The users of are teachers, schools, administrators, librarians, education recruiters, ICT professionals and many more. The users just have to create a profile to get connected to other international school personnel. The profiles are verified and hence there are no spamming or malicious profiles on The recruiters can post job vacancies. They can check resume of available educators, arrange interviews and conduct online interviews. helps connect centrally to share ideas, best practices, search and get teaching or any other opportunities in any part of world.

The most reputed schools like American School of Dubai, Bonn International School, Atlanta International School, Zurich International School, American Embassy School of New Delhi etc are connected through