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Tutor Angel

America's famous journalist Margaret Fuller says that 'If you have knowledge let others light their candles in it'. Tutor angel is similar guiding light to many students. Tutor Angel unexampled online tutoring website. It is a network designed for students and teachers to gain and impart knowledge.

The potential teachers can register with Tutor Angel for free. Tutor Angel allows students to find teachers by post code. The teachers can also list their specialized courses and set their own prices. The students can post requirements regarding their courses or simple queries. The tutors can bid on these requirements. The students can register for special courses provided by teachers. Tutor angel is helpful for students to find tutors by their areas. The students can contact tutor and also arrange one – to – one lesson. The students can also access the range of notes provided or video lectures from tutor. Students can provide or read feedback of a particular teacher.

Tutor angel is a blessing for students to find their tutor just a click away. Also tutors can continue with noble cause of teaching through latest technology.