Domains Experties - Enterprise content management


People from all age groups and any profession are involved in many processes. Documents are necessity of every person in any function. However it is tedious task to maintain and retrieve the important documents whenever required.

Techmodi has developed efficient tools for content management. Techmodi studied the requirements and necessity of content management system thoroughly. Techmodi also has introduced the new concepts for managing inheritance or will related documents. We have also created an easy tool to build websites for internet business and presence. In the cut – throat competition on technology front, traditional methods for preparing websites is not efficient and incurs cost at every step of developing websites.

Based on the studies Techmodi implemented concepts in content management are –

  • Document archiving
  • Sharing documents
  • Managing contacts online
  • Online will document management
  • Online trading system of required documents
  • Server compatibility
  • 24/7 Running System Setting
  • Maintain Version
  • Best design options
  • Get own domain name in website extended URL
  • Customizable websites
  • High end security

The simple concept of enterprise content management has been face lifted by team of Techmodi. Techmodi has done full justice by refining and adding new concepts to enterprise content management system. Techmodi has offered a readymade solution so no need to look for different providers for website development or maintenance. Website building tools from us are fully tested and reasonably priced products.

Some of our leading edge tools in enterprise content management –

  • Starkives
  • Islamicinheritance
  • lawfinity
  • Bafoo
  • Domusinfo
  • Virtual ID
  • Brewspot
  • srwoodinc
  • tooltech