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Bafoo has provided a revolutionary way of shopping for users. Bafoo is an application that helps the shop owners to create their group buying or daily deal type websites. Bafoo offers a platform for online website, which hosts all the important online shops that users need to shop at.

If the shop owners wish to reach out for shore of customers then they should be active online. Bafoo is one of its kind applications that always assist them. The shop owners should register with Bafoo, to get their site templates. The users/shop owner can select design of their website from a range of templates provided by Bafoo. Each template design is different from other. The shop owner can style the template as he/she wants. Bafoo permits the shop owner to fine-tune the colour scheme or change the colour of site element to create the perfect look. Shop owner can choose out of 8,000 professional-quality images from Bafoo photo gallery. Shop owner can upload own images with the multiple file up-loaders. Format the content with bullets, numbering, hyperlinks, even input and edits the HTML. Add videos, music, pre-designed Flash animations, RSS feeds, widgets and much more. The payment procedures are secure and carried on SSL. The potential customers can avail the mega deals from the shop owner.

After the site is ready from shop owner's side, Bafoo publishes the website. The shop owner is online with the flashy and trendy website i.e. his/her online shop. The template can be used by shop owner for defined price and amount of time. Once the Bafoo reaches its expiration date, it loses its promotional value. The shop owner can redeem it by selecting the period and getting benefited again. Bafoo promises the owner that web hosting is secured from fraudulent and other unethical practices.