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Brew spot

Brew spot was founded by Cristophe in 2010 to discover exciting activity of home brewing. Currently brew spot is established in Belgium and Brussels. reveals all the minute details of beer and concepts of brewing. highlights the other details related to Brew Spot. is designed in English (UK), Dutch and French languages.

Brew spot helps to discover art of home brewing. It provides home brewing courses in Belgium and Brussels. They are –

  1. Discovery Course – It's a one day course for introduction to concepts of home brewing from scratch.
  2. Brew master Course – its two day advanced course in home brewing.

Brewing is a team effort. To understand and build up team spirit, Brew Spot conducts Team Building Sessions. Brew Spot conducts Beer Tasting Sessions to know about different beers. displays 'Agenda' that keeps users updated about upcoming events of Brew Spots. The user can register for suitable brewing course. User automatically becomes brew spot community member if he/she attends any of the courses. The community member is eligible for many advantages such as discounts on other home brewing courses, free technical advice for first homebrew, access to network of passionate brewers, discounts on brewing material and more. The extra information about beer like History of beer, Globalization of Beer and so on is provided on 'Beer' section of Brew Spot News section gives all current news.

Brew spot team aspires to spread in every city of Europe. It is rare platform that unites home brewing enthusiasts.