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Domus Info - Association site is an association website or in simple term add – on. It is a dynamic owner communication portal for home owner associations, where associations can create new website. Currently selected countries like Australia, Dubai, Denmark, England, India, Island, Italy, Norge and Sverige are implementing

DomusInfo is designed solely to meet information and communication needs of owners and property associations. The contact person of the association needs to fill out the Application form. After the application is confirmed, DomusInfo will help association for new website. A few advantages that associations will get are –

  1. No webmaster for maintenance. Site can be maintained easily and by anyone.
  2. Alerts and Messages can be sent out to occupants based on an address or Unit name, either by E-Mail or SMS
  3. Calendar events can be sent to those, who can then accept or deny your invitation. This is handy for both board and association member meetings
  4. Association's Forum is unique to any association, where members can post and discuss topics
  5. Up For Sale or Rent can be posted on the site, viewable to any visitor, and gives a good overview of availability within the association
  6. Advertising banners and trade links can be run by the association to cover costs
  7. Online Chat with others in the association

Totally Free Web Site hosting on DomusInfo and all updates and services are included in the DomusInfo package. Hence the users will not shell out extra money for any service.