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Islamic inheritance

According to Islamic traditions inheritance i.e. faridah is obligatory. The term wasiyyah means people have the ability to give up 1/3 of user's assets to the individuals who do not automatically inherit under the Islamic Rules of Inheritance. However the process and calculation of inheritance is complicated. Normally faridah was ignored by American Muslims as it was complicated.

Islamic inheritance is made simpler online through Islamic inheritance is quick and cost effective way to create their living trust or pour-over will. Thus the American Muslims can save time and money while completing the obligations.

The online process can be completed by the user in couple of minutes. The user has to enter all his/her information and all family's information. The calculation of the inheritance is done online. The user has to only pay a minimum amount as they pay to lawyer. The documents necessary for inheritance process will be shipped to the user's address. This process can be done without lawyer and it is very easy.