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Documents are part and parcel of every work. However we definitely have grave issue to get these documents whenever required. is an e – commerce website that trades with documents. Users can upload and download documents to sell and buy documents.

The different categories of documents that a user can find are – technology, software, science, education, jobs and careers, travel, guides, tax and e books. The seller will register free to upload document. The document type can be a pdf, word, excel etc. The seller will upload document and mark with a suitable price. The document seeker or buyer can view all the required documents. To initiate trade for document, the buyer has to be registered with After selecting the required document, buyer can pay online. The buyer can then download the purchased document. The buyer can rate the downloaded documents. This will help other buyers to decide before buying it.

Lawinfinity is simple concept of e – commerce but implemented intelligently. The sellers will always be earning an extra penny by simply uploading document. The buyers can find documents all under one roof at reasonable price.