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Domains Experties - Enterprise content management


Internet is the fastest and most informative media used by all age groups. It is the wide platform for retrieving and sharing information. We read articles and wish to save without any bookmark, print out, email to yourself or saving on computer. However these techniques are very similar to paper maintaining during our school and college days. Starkives has reinvented the concept for saving and sharing of documents.

Starkives was born in January 2012 and launched four months later 1st May 2012 by Victoria Frericks and Liz Bullington. It is first of its kind online archiving concept. Starkives offer simplified and amplified concept of saving of online content. The users have to register themselves at Starkives. The validation email will be send to the user. The mail will contain link to activate the Starkives account. Many different features are provided by Starkives to arrange and maintain the articles. The articles read by the user are arranged according to category and the most recently viewed articles. The articles can be shared with others. The user can also view and save the shared articles by other users on Starkives account. The user can manage contacts. Starkives also allows user to connect with Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.

At Starkives, saving content and sharing content for user wants is personalized and styled for all types of use. Starkives is definitely 'Personal Online Filing Cabinet' that aims to make sharing of information personal and accessible as saving it.