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Virtual ID

It is a tedious task to maintain our heaps of important paperwork. Virtual ID was founded in 2012 by Marnus Broodryk. The main intention of Virtual ID is to provide an easy way and securely manage personal information.

Virtual ID is unique number with all the user's personal details and contact details crammed into one 8 digit number. Users having valid South African ID number can register for Virtual ID.

The Virtual ID can be registered for business purposes as sole proprietor, partnerships, company/close Corporation or trust. The user has to enter all personal information once. Then unique Virtual ID is generated for the user, after that user can use this Virtual ID with the service providers. The service providers will request the user for Virtual ID to be linked to them. When the user authorizes service provider's request, link will be created and service provider can access all user's information. The user can also update information whenever necessary.

Virtual ID reduces the form filling process for the user. The service providers will have the authorized access to user's information, and then he/she can print information on pre-defined forms. The updated information will be pushed to authorize service providers also. So Virtual ID keeps everyone updated all time. The users are always in control of personal information and benefit the high level security.