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Oman Insurance

After relentless efforts of Founder Chairman Mr. Taher Al Heraki and Founder Secretary Mr. Murtadha Ibrahim Al Jamalani, Oman Insurance Association (OIA) came into being. OIA was established on 18th December 2010 under Ministry of Social Development, the Sultanate of Oman. OIA is a trade organization consisting of insurance companies, insurance brokers, loss adjusters and others licensed by Capital Market Authority, Oman to indulge in insurance activity. is an informative site designed in Arabic and English, to find every detail related to insurance. Many reputed insurance companies like Al Ahlia Insurance Co SAOC, AXA Insurance, AON Majan LLC etc are members of OIA and shared their contact details. Users can rely on information about these companies as only Capital Market Authority, Oman licensed insurance companies are associated with OIA. The insurance traders and common citizens can stay updated about recent events or news about OIA.

Oman Insurance Association has always pushed their limits hard to achieve the following objectives

  1. To allow companies operating insurance business for consultation and co – operation in all matters related to insurance.
  2. Promote and raise insurance awareness in Sultanate of Oman.
  3. To put strong moral foundations for insurance industry, thereby helping to enhance insurance business.
  4. To act as a connecting link between the insurance market in Sultanate of Oman and Government and its concerned authorities, particularly Capital Market Authority, in respect of all insurance legislation and their implementation or any other matter to the study of issues and mutual interest of its members or the insurance market in general.
  5. Strengthen relations amongst insurance workers, train and encourage professionalism.