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The concept of roots in Mumbai's 120 year old institution of Dabawalah (person delivering tiffin boxes). The Dabawalah from Mumbai are reputed for their speed and accuracy for their delivery of home cooked meals for office workers. In 2011 two office workers Tim and Zeke from Canada implemented the concept. Dabawalah aims to deliver affordable and freshly cooked lunch from good local restaurants to office workers. offers menu from different restaurants each day. The menu will be mailed to user or put up on website for users. ordering system strictly closes 10:30 am. The lunch orders can also be placed 5 days in advance. The sharp deadline of 10:30 am is made that allows the restaurants to get enough time to prepare meals. Dabawalah strives to make every effort to deliver the user's lunch by noon. The delivery of meal orders is free of any cost. Office workers can purchase a single meal or meal plan credits in advance.

Many people opt to purchase meal credits i.e. user earns bonus credits for purchasing a meal plan. So ordering from Dabawalah on a regular basis is more affordable. Once when user decides how many credits to purchase, he/she can pay via credit card like any other e-commerce site. Users can also refer a coworker.

They can place their first paid order, user's account and referred coworker's account will both be automatically credited with $2. There is no limit on how many referrals user can make.