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Online food ordering in Puerto Rico is done through It is only food ordering website to cater with delicious food from famous local restaurants for no additional cost.

The food lovers can browse the nearby restaurants by city/area or by special cuisine. The working hours of restaurants are mentioned on website. Every restaurant also gives the online menu card for users. After signing in with Dame un bite, special menus from different restaurants are mailed or put up on website. The user can select restaurant and select menu. Users can place order online. The user can select for pick up or delivery for food order. The user can select delivery from restaurant, and the order is delivered to user's doorsteps. The payment can be done through credit card or by cash. Dame un bite follows all the security measures and hence ordering online is safe.

Registering with Dame un bite has assured profit for restaurant owners. As many people are online, Dame un Bite targets the food lovers. Thus owners get new customers easily. Dame un bite do not charge for setup fee. it also gives free advertising and promotions to restaurants. Dame un bite detects location of customers so that restaurants do not get orders out of delivery area.

Dame un bite has made online food ordering easy as pie. It has also helped local restaurants to flourish their business.