Domains Experties - Fund raising and Charity


Filanthropik is an inspiring hub of change makers. It's perfect platform for pitching campaigns, connecting with followers, and raising money your organization. Filanthropik is a specialized fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations and change makers. It utilizes crowd-funding to cultivate collaborative funding, action, and activism. Right now, Filanthropik only works with United States-based 501(c) 3 nonprofits. Any other nonprofit or non-govermental organization (NGO) is located outside the US and is registered with the IRS and has 501(c) 3 statuses, then they can create a campaign with

The organizations will sign up for free to post their campaigns or any other change invoking idea. The organization has to put up only one campaign for fund raising. These campaigns are categorized by Filanthropik as Animals, Arts and Culture, Community Building, Education, Environment, Health and Science, Human Rights, and Religion. The organizations need to set up their fund raising goals. The philanthropist from all over world will contribute for the great and innovative campaigns. They can fund for only one campaign at a time. By doing this Fhilanthropik is setting up a community of individuals who wish to do something good and be great. When the funding goals are reached, these funds are transferred to the users PayPal account. Campaign Updates feature given by Filanthropik is meant to keep followers involved in campaign's progress. It's the best way to keep contributors interested and involved. For every successful campaign, Filanthropik will charge 5% of the final funding amount. Filanthropik blog is the best place to find all tips, hints, suggestions, and ideas for successful campaigns. Users can also subscribe to newsletter for weekly updates. Tax deduction is the main benefit of working with Filanthropik. Filanthropik will give user a letter of donation acknowledgement, if user doesn't have one.

Filanthropik is a humble way to convince people about dedicated campaigns.