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Fund awesome

Fund awesome is Canada's modern day form of commerce and patronage. The idea behind fund awesome is all – or – nothing funding. This means that project can be fully funded or no money is accepted.

Fund awesome is largest funding platform for creative projects around the world. Numerous people pledge millions of dollars to artistic projects from worlds of music, arts, technology, design, food, publishing and many more. Fund awesome is not about investments or lending of money or work. The project owner keeps 100% ownership and control over their work. Every project has a funding goal i.e. the amount and certain time limit set by the project owner. If project has met or surpassed the funding level, these funds are deposited with the project owner. Then its responsibility of owner to deliver the results as promised. If sufficient funding amount is not gathered then all the funds are cancelled. If strong support is received then it motivates owners to cultivate their ideas. If owner doesn't receive that support then users are not compelled to follow through project. Thus Fund awesome provides less risk for projects undertaken.

Thus the new method followed by fund awesome to gather funds is –

  • A good idea communicated well, can spread fast and wide
  • A large group of people can be tremendous source of money and encouragement