Domains Experties - Fund raising and Charity

Pick My Class

Teachers around the world are always known for their creative ideas. These ideas however get chocked and cannot be implemented further due to major issues of funds. Pick My Class was an innovative idea put by Janice, a public school teacher in Windsor, Ontario.

Pick my class is a stepping stone towards empowering teachers. It is only Canadian charity that directly connects the generous donors and inspiring public school teachers. These funds will provide the ability to kick start new innovative projects for students.

Pick my class allows public school teachers to post their projects online that need funding. The donors can browse through the projects/classrooms. There is no specific minimum amount to be donated. The donors can also fund $1 or can fund the entire project. Pick my class shows benefits of being generous, by send the tax receipt to the fund donor. When enough funds are raised then the required materials will be sent to the class room.

Pick my class inculcates highest level of transparency. At the bottom of each project the fund donor will be shown the exact break down of funds raised. The amount raised is channelized in different ways as the actual materials purchased, taxes, door-to-door fees, shipping costs and 3rd party processing fees. If the fund donor wishes he can also pay 15% on top of the donations for Pick my class's ongoing operations. However this is not obligatory on donor. The donor will receive thank you notes from teachers and students.

Mother Teresa said 'To keep the lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.' Pick my class is one such oil which will always help the teachers to keep their ideas/projects glowing.