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Appointment Status

The medical field is one of the few fields to remain stagnant from a customer service perspective for over years. Inevitably patients need to wait at doctor's clinic. has modernized concept of booking an appointment with doctors.

Users can register as patient and doctors. works as convenient way for patients to connect and keep track of all their physicians. The rare feature provided by website is 'Appointment Status'. This feature is similar to flight tracking system. The main function of this module is to alert patients if their appointment is on time or delayed. Every appointment set by patient or doctor has some genuine reason. Each reason will have pre – determined time. This module will alert 30 minute before each appointment. Text messages and emails are sent if the appointment is delayed. The patients can have single account for a family. The family members can book an appointment with different doctors through same account.

Hence patients can easily manage of all of their doctor's appointments as well as schedule them through their profile. In order to improve customer satisfaction, appointments are determined by each physician individually. Appointment Status not only simplifies appointment management, but also innovate it. This allows patients to show up directly for their appointment and no longer have to wait in the waiting room.