Domains Experties - Health Care


The challenges faced by medicine industry are – socialized medicine, healthcare rationing, government regulations, insurance reimbursement and malpractices. DRPODS was developed set medical standards for transparency, efficiency, security and privacy around the globe. It's a promise for all the global patients to seek out best doctor for the given procedure at best market price.

With the patients approval their medical reports will be uploaded to their account for the doctors/surgeons to view. These records will be anonymous for the doctors. The doctors will then compete with each other and bid directly on potential procedures posted by patients. This direct negotiation between the patient and doctor will result in bringing the actual cost of medical treatments down. Thus the medical treatment will not burn a hole in patient's pocket.

Also the patients will get the best surgeons around the world just at a click. The Dr PODS will increase the efficiency and ability of the doctors to target the patients on central location. It will help the surgeons/doctors to streamline their practice. The medical practice through Dr. PODS will make practice hassle free for surgeons. The patients can get the required treatment at affordable cost and also without any malpractices. The medical future of doctors will be promising as there will be no empty schedule slots or patients overdue or call for consultation. The doctors will completely control of how many procedures they want to perform and what cost. They can also take their practice overseas. Dr. PODS is truly world's only global free market healthcare system.