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Sound Pivot

Sound pivot has got everything in its name. It is central axis resource for collaboration, contracted services and self – promotion opportunities to artists. The team of Sound Pivot consists of artist and music lovers. They are dedicated to bring quality services and tools to help grow art to higher scale.

The system manages collaborative or contracted jobs. These jobs are nothing but creative need for something user is working on or user wants someone to work on something for him/her. The owners or service providers require signing up in order to upload or create projects. These projects are priced rationally. The owners and service providers can browse through projects. Once the project is found to work on or collaborate with, user can request for bid. Users can specify what their proposal is for completing project. The duration of project and charge of project is finalized after bid is accepted. The project gets accelerated once all the formalities are completed.

Sound pivot's goal is to make art projects as easy as possible for customers to overcome the obstacles of working with others on projects relating to their art, so they can focus more of their energy on the art, itself. It is gateway for finding collaborative partners and service providers that can help project from unknown to unstoppable.