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Rental beacon

Rental beacon was founded in 2011 and located in Chicago. The age old techniques for renting a building were unit were community notice board, announcements posted in elevator or papers slid under tenant's door. Rental beacon is not property management software but it is a unique customizable announcement board. The main focus of Rental beacon is to manage rental units to push information to their tenants in real time. It is a tool to bridge the communication gap between the landlords and their tenants. Rental beacon is constructed using the latest technology to help tenants receive message through mails, mobiles etc. This will save time and money of property owners as well as the prospective renters. Let us take a look how the renters and unit managers will be benefited through Rental Beacon.

Renter's Advantages

  • The age old techniques of announcements never showed the real picture of buildings. By Rental beacon receive relevant information of the building or unit beforehand.
  • Building Market place is a unique feature provided by rental beacon. This allows the users to buy and sell goods or services in neighborhood of the renter's building. Hence this is the favorite feature of renters.
  • In rental properties some situations go from bad to worst quickly. Renters can contact the landlord in case of emergencies.
  • It is very difficult to maintain many documents related to rental property. Rental beacon helps renter to store important rent documents on secure server.
  • Finally the renter can post or rate the building. This will help other renters and the unit managers to review the rating of the property.

Advantages of Unit Manager

  • The communication with the renter is simplified by allowing landlords to communicate directly. You can communicate through modern gadgets and other technology means.
  • Unit managers can post relevant information about their property/ building.
  • In case of emergency the owners can contact the renters directly.
  • The rental beacon tenant communication software is not property management software but a common platform designed solely for communication. There are no software installations or maintenance required by unit managers. It is hosted completely in the cloud.
  • Rental Beacon provides many significant tools to make renting enjoyable for tenants and landlords. This will help the property owners to retain their tenants.
  • Rental beacon also allows landlords to respond to the property reviews given by tenants.