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Web Government

Web government is rare combination of every citizen and government. It provides chance to participate on issues affecting any community or around the world. Web government is an online platform for both current and aspiring leaders to showcase their leadership skills. Members of Web Government are top officials as well as common people. These people come together to become part of big movement.

People from all over the world can join Web Government. Web government gives a chance to participate in reforms or discussions about local and global issues. Anyone who participates on the site has the ability to post details of any needs or issues that they may have within their community. Additionally, users can inform the Web Governments community of any local elections taking place within community. They can tell about how needs are addressed and any development that is taking place. Web government conducts 'Webinars' on quarterly and yearly basis. There are 21 top notch officials from all around world who participate in online seminars. The quarterly seminars are every three months where one or more local problems are discussed and resolved. The yearly webinars are international seminars where issues on global front are discussed. Every two years, there is summit, known as " WebGovernments Conference " (WGC)- where the cabinet members of WebGovernments actually meet in one of the host countries with chosen subjects or issues to discuss as set in advance by the Committee Of The WebGovernments Presidents (COWGP). They will then approach the UN with their solutions. In a way, this is a global approach to problems in every country, starting at the root level. Web government has formed different communities to know all the local and global problems. Citizens of all age group are part of these communities. Community like 'Advocacy Group' supports political or social cause and may recommend changes. A crucial role in preventing violent conflicts and in building peace is taken up by 'Civil Group'. Students from college and schools are also involved in reform movements.

Web government encourages more voices and participation from worldwide citizens. Web government aims to make website more open, democratic, transparent and effective.