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Sports play an important role in shaping the overall development of every individual. However there should be a dais for meeting all the requirements of sports for potential sports enthusiast.

Techmodi is passionate to bring about reforms in sports industry. Techmodi designed portals to patch up the loopholes in this domain. Techmodi intended to bring sports lovers together from other corners of world. The innovative concepts brought up by Techmodi team for sports and entertainment –

  • Find coaches and students online
  • Find sports schools
  • Event calendar
  • Manage workshops, tournaments and events online
  • Sports equipment shopping online
  • Watch and post videos

Techmodi wanted that every talent in this domain needs to be highlighted. Every individual should receive the service in sports online. Users can rely upon the portals developed for searching and connecting to services in sports.

Some of our creations in sports and entertainment –

  • findmartialarts
  • blissocial
  • coachusports