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Karmalodge was cemented for passionate people who love to travel and explore. Karmalodge in short is an online home exchange community. The Karmalodge community provides a flexible home exchange worldwide by using Karma points. It promises a user friendly and effortless way to find short duration accommodation. It is simple for the users to book accommodation through Karmalodge. The users/travelers should sign up and fill up the profile. The host can highlight the accommodation through details and images. It offers the host to post security deposit and cleaning fees while listing accommodation. The payment for the charges will be decided upon the individuals. The users need to update the calendar to provide the available dates.

The Karmalodge community is connected through on-site messaging. The guest to be can contact the host through on-site message to enquire about place and availability. The guest sends a reservation request to the host. The host can view the guest's profile on Karmalodge and can decide upon the reservation request. Once the reservation request is accepted, then Karmalodge will deduct 100 points from host's Karmalodge guest. The confirmation about the reservation is send to both. The contact information is send to both parties. 80% points from reservation are released when guest checks – in. The 10% points are given when the guest check out. The last 10% points are based on review of the guest. These karma points earned can be used by host to book his/her next travel destination. By utilizing existing housing resources from Karmalodge members, everyone saves the extra penny to be paid at grand hotels and indirectly save the resources from being used at hotels.