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Living Room Restaurants

The people from Netherlands often follow concept of Living Room Restaurants. Living room restaurant is place where guests are invited to dine in the living room of an amateur chef. This chef puts his cooking skills and hospitality at their disposal on non – commercial basis. i.e. gives an overview of living room restaurants in Netherlands. The users can search and book for open evenings and write a review. Most of living room restaurants are open only a few evenings a year is known as open evening. The living room restaurants can accommodate about twelve people. The hosts who own a living room restaurant or want to open one can register with The hosts create profile. He/ She can add description about restaurant and add images. Hosts specify agenda on what day restaurant is open for guests. The guests can browse different restaurant by province or by date. The guests can view feedback about restaurant on site. Guests can also put up reservation for restaurant. After confirmation of reservation guest is notified through email about the exact address and contact details.

Living room menu is a community of food lovers who want to make living room restaurants more accessible. This also provides an opportunity for budding chefs to highlight their skills and earn extra.