Facts & Figures

Techmodi started its journey with only 1 designer & 1 programmer in 2009 & within a span of 3 months ramped it up to a team of 30 developers. This team size was drastically increased from a small team to a big family of 100 programmers with a span of year.

With the exponential rise in the staff and resources the revenue also increased and along with the same various milestones were met and crossed.

The main aim was to develop long term relationship and with the same aim within a period of initial 2 year we had worked with more than 300 clients from various countries ranging from small to big offices & individual as well as start ups & emerged as a stable entity.

Also instead of operating from a small office the head office and its operations were moved to a newly built centrally located facility in the heart of the city which was better connected via public transport. The existing facility apart from the basic amenities had ample of parking space as well as cafeteria to ensure that all the employee get a very good state of the art facility to work with.

Also Techmodi made it in the Top 10 service providers worldwide on Elance out of 29,817 registered providers world wide on January 10, 2012

This achievement was a pay off and a symbol of all the commitments & claims made by Techmodi to all its patrons. This success was due to the combined team efforts put together by all the team players of Techmodi in the foreground and background.