Techmodi has always stuck with its core values of Credibility, Transparency and Originality. Our work speaks for every step of success achieved throughout journey. Techmodi has achieved trust and wide base of clients from different geographical locations as Europe, US, Australia, Middle East and Asia.
Techmodi has always surpassed every client's expectations. We have gained reputation for our professional approach, technical expertise and communication and Domain Knowledge. Techmodi teams are appreciated for their strong and efficient programming skills. Every project was given the due time and importance by all team members of Techmodi. We all cater to provide high class customer service.
Clients who have worked with Techmodi are acknowledging our communication and prompt availability of each team member. Techmodi member's involvement in project is not just for programming or designing but also we come up with feedbacks or suggestions whenever required.
Techmodi clients are impressed with high standards work and commitment and intend to turn up again with us for new ventures. Here are words of appreciation directly from our satisfied from few of our clients
Joost Kingma - http://www.rijam.nl/

I am very happy with the work of Techmodi on joost_kingma this project. They showed a real commitment to bring this project to completion. When we started out together neither I nor Techmodi realized the complexity of the project. Therefore we had to revise the original schedule (that's why I rated this 4, but I do want to emphasize that I feel as much responsible for the delay myself, because the specs I provided were not clear enough) . Techmodi never made an issue of the extra time and cost for them. They felt the most important thing was to complete the project as we agreed upon. Communication is no problem. They have excellent english skills and it is very easy to discuss details with them through Skype and email. I am very willing to do business with Techmodi again. They have gained my trust and respect with the way they conduct their business. Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information.

Cyrus Khadivi - http://www.mortgageloancorp.com/

This was my first experience with Elance, which initially caused some hesitancy to use the service. I wasn't certain that I would be able to launch the platform I was aiming to launch, especially without meeting the group I was going to hire (especially with the group being on different part of the world than I am). Techmodi, however, exceeded and surpassed all expectations. Due to Techmodi's professionalism, dedication, ability to execute, technical expertise, and general talent, I emphatically recommend them for any project. Techmodi has made me a believer in Elance but more importantly, I am now a believer in Techmodi. I intend on using Techmodi for numerous projects in the future, and am currently putting together the blueprint and technical requirements for my next project. It was an absolute pleasure working with the group. They make themselves available by email, skype, and other mediums of exchange in order to ensure communication does not falter. They are exceptionally talented in all programming languages. All in all, I support Techmodi 100%

Marnus Broodryk - https://www.virtualid.co.za/

There is simply not something bad to say about Techmodi... We started with this marnus_broodrykproject 6 months ago and it has been a great experience working with them. SKILLS: They are very skilled and there wasn't ONE functionality which they couldn't implement. Whatever was asked, was done. They also came up with their own suggestions on how to improve our app. COMMUNICATION: I worked with the team and couldn't have asked for a better project manager. He understood when something was important and attended to it immediately. Being a bigger team, you will always get someone available and online. We used one of the best companies in the market to test our software and they couldn't believe the quality of work that has gone into our web application. Techmodi did a great job and I would recommend them anytime.

Rajiev Timal - http://quittler.phpfogapp.com/

This was my first venture into the world of Elance and online contractors. Let me say, I am very happy that I chose Techmodi for the development of my idea. They always responded promptly and courteously , and their rate was very reasonable for the amount of work done. Every issue I had was addressed and everything went smoothly. This does not happen very often while working online and I am very pleased to leave them this review. I appreciated the fact that they took the time to respond to every one of my inquiries within 12 hours. In the beginning, the team also took the time to create a scope of work, complete with all the features I didn't even know I needed. Please do not hesitate to hire them for your project, you will not be disappointed. At the beginning of my project, I was going to hire an American company for twice the price. They were rude and their customer service was severely lacking. I don't know why they thought they deserved so much for the job. I am so glad I did not hire them and I chose Techmodi!

Andrew Spinner - http://www.pickmyclass.org/

Ok - going ot provide some honest feedback, and I'll admit, I'm likely Andrew Spinner a tough person to deal with, given I wanted a great product in the end, which I received. The 5 out of 5s above are valid. TM did a great job on my project. I must say their response time was great (usually a day for each of my requests). They did not overcharge me and the amount we agreed to was what I paid. When I needed answers I got fairly quickly. I would caution, depending the complexity of what you're having done, to make sure your changes being requested are actually being done. As our project went on, I found myself reconciling back to our to-do document, and the developer would write that they had completed the task, yet I found it wasn't completed. This added a lot of extra time on my end to make sure it was all done up to a high standard, but then again, they were significantly cheaper than any contractor I could have hired locally. Regarding design, they have some talented people, however, you just need to request they use their own creativity to provide you with some initial designs. At first, they wanted website designs existing I liked, and just replicated this. Once I encouraged they use their own creativity, the product ended up being its own and looking great. I do plan on using them again to make some revisions to the site based on user feedback, and potentially for another project altogether. Thanks TechModi team for all your hard work. It's truely appreciated and look forward to working again in the future.

Mike - http://www.elderlivingresource.com/

The TechModi team is very professional, proficient, and dedicated to customer service. Their continued support is comforting to any entrepreneur. I will be using them for design and programming for my next site as well. Thank you to the entire Tech Modi team! Job well done!

Ron Stefanski - http://www.rentalbeacon.com/

Techmodi did an absolutely amazing job on our Website. ron_stefanskiWe included in our task complex coding/SMS integration/Blog/Social Media/back admin and more. Literally everytime we said, "We need you to do X" They were able to get whatever "X" was done perfectly. This is the team/company that you want to work with on elance. Team did an absolutely amazing job and were always available for ad hoc conference calls about the website. We spent a good cost with the company on phase one of our website and anticipate spending more when we reach phase two. Ron Stefanski MBA RBC Holdings Inc. www.RentalBeacon.com Feel free to look me up via LinkedIn if you would like to get in touch to check on a recommendation for this company.

Jeremy - http://biopromotionsworldwide.com/

This is my first experience working with elance and first developing a website, so the 'Adherence to Schedule' rating is largely due to my steep learning curve with the process. Techmodi is very quick to respond to requests for information and changes. They are very flexible and quickly implemented changes. They provided valuable feedback and tips I had not considered. Only negative is that sometimes I had to request the same changes more than once, when change requests seemed to be overlooked or marked 'done' when more work was required.

Ioannis - http://www.foobcovers.com

We contracted Techmodi to deliver a very complicated Web 2.0 project. Techmodi exceeded our expectations and delivered on budget. Having worked with multiple other companies, we believe that Techmodi has been: #1 in COMMUNICATION skills. our project manager, did the most excellent job in communicating back and forth project requirements and keeping us up to date. Santosh, from the sales department, did a great job with the payment processing system and addressed all the challenges of an escrow / aucitoning system effectively. #1 in ensuring a ROBUST, bug-free implementation. The final product meets our robustness requirements 100%, and Techmodi is always there should we discover a small bug in the future. A great programmer with a wide variety of skills that allows him to integrate all modules seamlessly and efficiently. #1 in QUALITY output with an enormous attention to detail. Techmodi structured the website architecture right from the start and kept code neat and efficient. Independent programmers that have accessed the website?s code have commented on how intuitive the code structure is. #1 in providing USEFUL feedback that enhanced our business model and the user experience. Techmodi?s project manager, was not afraid to share his opinion where he thought better solutions were available. For example, guided us through a more effective auction process and suggested the use of bid credits that were not part of the initial requirements. Our project took 6 months to complete, during which time we were in weekly if not daily contact with the Techmodi developers. I must admit wholeheartedly, that the patience of the Techmodi team while going through normal project push-backs is one of their greatest assets and what ultimately enables them to be the #1 in all the above. I consider our partnership with Techmodi, one of our company?s biggest strengths and looking forward to more successful projects. Foob Inc

Matthew Rifkind - http://www.drpods.com/

I would like to thank and congratulate Techmodi, and their incredible staff for completing the Dr.PODS project. This business is so very important to us, and none of it would have been possible if we hadn't chosen Techmodi as our contractor. Our project was a groundbreaking concept that required an incredible amount of time and close collaboration between Techmodi and I. When it comes to communication they are the best in the business. They define proactive. Their very structured development approach makes the modular site construction concepts easy to digest. Since I was very new to the technology business there were many where I had little understanding of the advanced concepts we were implementing the team have been outstanding at bringing me up to speed on the latest technological concepts regarding my project. Making completely sure I was aware of any implications involving certain technologies that could possibly affect my desired outcome. Techmodi also went out of their way to go above my expectations with help in certain areas of my development that weren't necessarily part of the original agreement. So, in terms of value this company is top of the line. I couldn't be happier with my investment. To anyone considering development of an advanced functionality website and can¿t afford to risk anything going wrong with contractor problems. TECHMODI is your solution. Sincerely, Matthew Rifkind Founder, DrPODS International.

RJ - http://www.dealninja.com/

Excellent Job. Beyond expectations. We are pleased with the workmanship and the quality of coding we received. We will be using tech modi again.

Jeffrey Rogers - http://www.bidaproject.com/

These developers are more than professional they understood my needs and catered to my scope and changes. I would highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed.

Ahmed Shaikh - http://www.islamicinheritance.com/

This was a long project and I am generally very happy with what I got and would use them again. I have a lot of experience working with Techmodi at this provider. I think merely leaving numbers does not do justice. With regard to schedule, this was a fairly large project, this was evident early on, and I am being more than generous in their adherence to the schedule was several months late. The design was redone because they could not get it to work a certain way and so forth. There were also periods of non-communication on their part, which was a little baffling. However, we did get into a groove eventually and when they were around they were always very helpful, they took their time to come up with a quality website with everything I needed.

Zeke & Tim - http://www.dabawalah.com

The development team at Techmodi has been extremely helpful throughout the project. They are always diligent in responding to issues and client requests and aims to meet customer expectations on project time, cost, and scope. I would recommend them to others.